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Our Skin Thimble™ models are constructed from soft-supple (2.5 to 3 ounces) deerskin that is sourced from North American Deer and processed by tanneries in the United States of America. Your finger is completely surrounded by the finest quality deerskin. Those who sew for long periods of time understand the effects of “thimble slippage worrying anxiety” and “thimble slippage induced finger fatigue.”--these conditions occur because leather stretches when worn. Our Skin Thimble™ products alleviate these conditions because each thimble has an elastic no-slip support system at the top of the thimble that attaches the thimble to your finger/thumb.

Our quality, usability and comfort guarantee is quite simple:

  • If you find a leather thimble that provides better comfort and functionality in the same price range as a comparable Skin Thimble™ let us know.
  • If you have a defective Skin Thimble™ contact us;we will work with you to resolve the problem independent of where the thimble was purchased.

CERATech, INC is based in Rochester, MN. CERATech, INC has responsibility for marketing and distribution of Skin Thimble™ products. CERATech, INC mission is, “to compete using intellectual property, technology and compassion.”

Several SkinThimble models were Voted "Posse Pick" in a recent "Quilter's Home" evaluation of nonmetal thimbles