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Skin Thimble™ Finger Face Safety-Tip™ — One size fits all. Your fingers are surrounded by soft supple deerskin. This product provides protection from abrasive or prickly materials. It slips easily on your fingers. This product is ideal for tasks where you grip or move abrasive things with your fingers. We have received excellent comments from flower shops stating, “the Skin Thimble™ Finger Face Safety-Tip™ allows us to grasp prickly roses without loosing dexterity required for arrangements”. Our natural bone colored Deerskin is ideal because there is little or no dye to worry about when the leather is damp or wet. This soft deerskin leather covering protects your fingertip from abrasive surfaces such as flower stems, cardboard handling, abrasive metal and glass handling. Features: Soft supple deerskin which surrounds the finger Elastic no-slip support system Pull tab, which allows you to easily adjust the thimble

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