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Skin Thimble™ Finger Tip Plastic™ – One size fits all. This is an ideal product for those who sew by pushing with their fingertip. It has a 40-ml plastic shield that wraps around your fingertip. The fingertip shield is inserted into a deerskin leather pocket. Your finger is surrounded by soft supple deerskin. The patented shield and elastic no-slip support system flexes and prevents stretched leather from slipping from your finger. The thimble has a patented double finger face and single fingertip design.’ This design allows one to push with their fingertip or with the face of their finger. This model is turning into our most requested product because both sides of the thimble may be used for finger face sewing. This product is a must for those who do light weight and medium weight sewing. The shield has been laboratory tested to withstand 10 pounds of direct pressure pressed against the eye of a #7 needle. This product is ideal for tasks associated with the following lightweight or medium weight sewing tasks: Quilting Hand sewing Mending Woodcarving Features: Soft supple deerskin which surrounds the finger Wrap around double finger-face/single fingertip shield that is sewn within a deerskin pocket Elastic no-slip support system Pull tab, which allows you to easily adjust the thimble

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