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Skin Thumble™ Thumb Face Covered Coin™ – One size fit all. This thumble is for heavy-duty sewing and woodcarving. The outer face of the thumble has a covered metal shield, containing dimples similar to those contained in a metal thimble. The shield is placed in a deerskin leather pocket and sewn into the thumble. Your thumb is surrounded by soft supple deerskin. The patented metal shield and elastic no-slip support system prevents needle pricks while also preventing the thumble from slipping. This product is a must for those who do medium weight sewing or heavy-duty weight sewing with their thumb. This product group is ideal for tasks such as: Quilting Hand sewing Mending Woodcarving Canvas sewing Leather sewing Features: Soft supple deerskin which surrounds the thumb Metal coin with dimples is covered by leather and sandwiched within a deerskin pocket Elastic no-slip support system Pull tab, which allows you to easily adjust the thimble

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