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Skin Thimble™ - Finger Face Gripper™ – Plastic Shield (Gold) - One size fits all. This patented thimble combines the features of our popular ST333 that contains a 40 ml plastic shield and our ST322 that contains the Finger Face Gripper™. The 40 ml plastic shield allows you to push a needle through lightweight and medium weight fabric without fear of pricking your finger. The plastic shield can withstand 10 pounds of direct pressure pressed against the eye of a #7 needle. Please note that we do not recommend sewing with a 40 ml plastic shield when sewing heavyweight and extra heavy weight materials. If you are pushing a needle through heavy weight or extra heavy weight material please use a Skin Thimble™ model that contains our stainless steel metal shield. A soft-rubber-gripping-pad, (25 to 35 durometer), is attached to the outer surface of the Skin Thimble™ - Finger Face Gripper™ – Plastic Shield. The soft-rubber-gripping-pad provides enhanced gripping-traction against anything it touches similar to your finger when it is damp. The Finger Face Gripper’s™ soft-rubber-gripping-pad provides excellent gripping-traction against a needle when the needle is placed between the Finger Face Gripper™ and your thumb, to form a Gripper™-to-thumb-gripping-clamp. Enhanced gripping-traction occurs when you place a needle between a Skin Thimble™ Finger Face Gripper™ on your pushing finger and a Skin Thumble™ - Thumb Face Gripper™ on your thumb. This Gripper™-to-Gripper-gripping-clamp provides additional gripping-traction when pulling a needle and thread though fabric. The shielding and gripping attributes of this push-pull thimble enhance the efficiency of sewing. This product is ideal for the following tasks: This thimble is a very efficient sewing thimble when sewing lightweight and medium weight fabric. The product is excellent at gripping surfaces, enhancing gripping-traction against objects and separating items identified for the Skin Thimble – Finger Face Gripper™, ST322, i.e. (counting money or moving paper; reading a book; gripping needles; gripping cloth when stippling; gripping plastic sheets.) Features: Your finger is surrounded by soft, supple and sensitive (2.5 to 3.0 oz.) deerskin The thimble has a 40 ml plastic shield that is covered by the Finger Face Gripper™ The Finger Face Gripper™ provides enhanced gripping-traction when you grip items or surfaces with your fingers. The pull-tab assists in adjusting the thimble on your finger The elastic support system prevents/reduces thimble slippage when worn

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