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Skin Thumble™ - Thumb Face Gripper™ – Metal shield (Bone) – This model is for those who push a needle with their thumb. One size fits all. This thumble combines the features of our popular ST353 that contains a dimpled stainless steel metal shield and our ST392 that contains the Thumb Face Gripper™. The thumble slips onto your thumb and is held in place by our Skin Thumble™ elastic no-slip support system. This is a super general-purpose sewing thumble if you push with your thumb because it prevents needle pricks when working with fabrics of any weight (i.e. extra heavyweight, heavyweight, medium weight and lightweight fabric). The metal shield cannot be penetrated by manual force. The dimpled stainless steel metal shield also prevents needle slippage. A soft-rubber-gripping-pad, (25 to 35 durometer), is attached to the outer surface of the thumble. The soft-rubber-gripping-pad provides enhanced gripping-traction against anything it touches similar to your thumb when it is damp. The Thumb Face Gripper’s™ soft-rubber-gripping-pad provides excellent gripping-traction against a needle when the needle is placed between your finger and the Thumb Face Gripper™, to form a finger-to-Gripper™-gripping-clamp. Enhanced gripping-traction occurs when you place a needle between a Skin Thimble™ Finger Face Gripper™ on your finger and a Skin Thumble™ - Thumb Face Gripper™ on your pushing thumb. The Gripper™-to-Gripper™-gripping-clamp provides enhanced gripping-traction when pulling a needle and thread though fabric of any weight. This product is ideal for the following tasks: One of the most efficient hand-sewing thimbles on the market when pushing and pulling a needle through fabric of any weight. Gripping surfaces; enhancing gripping-traction when pulling against objects; and separating items identified for the Skin Thumble – Thumb Face Gripper™, ST392, i.e. (Counting money or moving paper; Reading a book; Gripping needles; Gripping cloth when stippling; Gripping plastic materials, Gripping plastic bags and separating plastic sheets Features: -Your finger is surrounded by soft, supple and sensitive (2.5 to 3.0 oz.) deerskin -The thumble has a prick proof dimpled, stainless steel shield that is covered by the Thumb Face Gripper™. The prick proof dimpled, stainless steel shield cannot be penetrated when pushing with a needle

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