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Skin Thimble™ Finger Face Gripper™ (also known as “The Gripper™”) This patented product group provides instant gripping for your fingertip. Your fingers are surrounded by soft supple deerskin. Soft rubber is sewn to the outsides of the thimble. This soft rubber provides a gripping action similar to your finger when it is damp. The skin of your hand and fingers secretes a sticky chemical called sebum. Sebum allows your fingers to grip things. Sebum is removed during repetitive movements against dry materials such as paper and cloth. Thats why people rely on a damp cloth or some type of stick enhancing material when they rub their finger against paper (reading a book, counting money, separating paper, etc&) or plastic sheets. These messy items are a thing of the past. The Gripper™ slips onto your finger and is held in place by our Skin Thimble™ no-slip support system. This product is ideal for the following tasks: Counting money or moving paper Reading a book Gripping needles when sewing Gripping cloth when stippling Gripping plastic sheets There are many more applications for the Gripper™. Please let us know about your favorite application. Features: Soft supple deerskin which surrounds the finger A soft rubber piece that is sewn to the outer surface of the leather thimble Elastic no-slip support system Pull tab, which allows you to easily adjust the thimble

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